Company Name: AGRODRONE
Company Description: Agrodrone is a precision agriculture consultancy company that also is an hemp producer. We are a startup since July 2017; Pedro is an hemp producer since 2013, and productions from 2017 were in the name of Agrodrone.
Agrodrone is formed by Pedro Santos (agronomic engineer), Ana Prata (administration) and a colaborator (Ana Valente), also agronomic engineer (degree in genetics).
Country: Portugal
Contact: Pedro Santos
Phone #: +351 963551312


Opportunity: In Portugal the hemp licences were blocked in 2019 (due to politicians support to Tilray and other international companies focused on cannabis for medicine and recreational markets) so for some days now, that i’m looking to Poland for a possible production in 2020 and industrial processing…we have a design for a efficient decorticator for hemp large production areas and looking for investors to produce such machine.

Company Principles: Founders: Pedro Santos and Ana Prata
Principles: Turning Agriculture more efficient and organic using precision agriculture and organic techniques applied to large areas professional agro-production.
We invested in soil life knowledge and soil balance to match production top quality without loosing yield;
and hemp is a culture we choosed as a valid option for agriculture and industry for many applications and suited for development of an organic based human society balanced with the planet.

Investment Level: $500,000 to $1 million