Company Name: Cleangredients
Company Description: Personal environmental Management services, from biodegradable and organic media, and marine environmental landscaping design.
Country: Panama
Contact: Jorge Sanchiz
Phone #: +507 6347-0776


Opportunity: There are no other local agricultural companies addressing the industrial hemp production. We are proposing in converting hemp a local staple food for panamanians. There are over 197,000 hectareas of new indigenous resevation where this will help them learn and be resilient to economic changes.

Company Principles: chemical engineers, Fernando Valencia and Javier Fuentes with spectrografic lab equipment for quality testing of water, plants, air, earth and medical. Agronomist associate Roberto Brockman with many years botanical and entrepenuer in garden, nursery and landscaping, Multidiciplinary engineer Jorge Sanchiz with a 6 acre estate that runs a bed and breakfast with rural husbandry and multiple medicinal plants and animals.
Will be developing 4 areas of 200 meters square in Panama for yield and special conditions of specific hemp strains.

Investment Level: $100,000 to $500,000