Company Name: Green Cube Solutions Sp. z o. o.
Company Description: We are technology driven start-up that focuses on implementation of state of the art AI technologies to optimize the yield and efficiency of hemp cultivation. We use state of the art deep-learning models and probabilistic robotics methodology to turn drone imagery data into digitally navigable filed, where each plant is segmented and categorized. We create high resolution vegetation map to precisely assess plants health, identify regions that require nutrition and estimate the crop yield.
Based on our user-friendly mobile app integrated with the system, you know the path to the next male plant and when you missed one. It can be used as a cross-validation  tool for quality assessment of the field.
Country: Poland
Contact: Marcin Marczak
Phone #: +48 796 559 557


Opportunity: We address the need to efficiently monitor a large field and enable high quality hemp flowers production on the large scale. Our solution is easily scalable and will ensure that optimal yield is achieved at every hectare of cultivated area.

Company Principles: We are a team of experienced engineers who knew each other and collaborated professionally for over 14 years. The core team consists of following members:
Marcin Marczak – CEO, 15 years of experience in the field of biotechnology, process engineering, scaling technology from lab to industry. Worked on process optimization in world leading corporations.
dr. Krzysztof Kudrysnki – world leading specialist in the field of AI and deep-learning. Main researcher responsible for creation on RoadDNA – patented solution for detection on autonomous cars on the road.
Mateusz Delekta – engineer with >15 years of experience. Designed and constructed facilities for Oil&Gas in Iraq. Business developer, mentor for many multi-national projects and start-up’s.
Despite the core team, we collaborate with many business partners who are leading specialists in the field of chemical engineering, media and hemp industry.

Investment Level: $500,000 to $1 million