Company Name: Hemplanet
Company Description: Hemplanet produces and sells cold-pressed hempseed oil, hempseed flour and dehulled hempseeds.
We also produce lampshades, hats, bags and shorts from hemp fabric.
Hemplanet holds numerous educational and awareness events at various festivals to help inform people about the multiple benefits hemp can bring.
Hemplanet also organises workshops for participants to have hands-on experience with hemp construction, hemp paper-making and cooking with hemp.
Hemplanet is actively working on applying to the state governments of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu to allow our farmers to be legally allowed to grow hemp.
Country: India
Contact: Tom Mo
Phone #: +918940566639


Opportunity: Hemplanet was born in Auroville, a 50 year old intentional, international community in south east India, with a current population of 3000 people from over 50 countries.
One of the many founding ideals was that the emerging township should become self-sufficient. Hemplanet’s aim is to help transition Auroville into a hemp-based economy, where the farmers can grow hemp, Hemplanet will process into raw materials and the existing manufacturers can produce N number of end products / uses.

Company Principles: Hemplanet’s founders, Tom and Sasi both with film-making backgrounds and residents of Auroville, saw the potential of hemp to build a sustainable future for the town they lived in and loved.

Investment Level: up to $100,000