Company Name: Hemptraditional
Company Description: Online hemp store
Country: Romania
Contact: Pop Cozma Andrei
Phone #: +40745304632


Opportunity: The online store si just the first step in fullfiliing my hemp goals.
In spring I will plant hemp on 500 square meters and I want to organize workshops with the people interested in hemp what you can get if you cultivate it.
The region I want to cultivate has no gas and people rely to wood to keep them worm. I want to buy machines to get the seed decorticated,an oil press and a brichet making machine.all of this will be made in time.In this region people have a lot of land but it is not used.
O hope by educating people regarding hemp we can achive our goals.

Company Principles: The company is been put in place by me Andrei Pop Cozma and my wife Alina.
I have a pasion for Cannabis plant and I know what I want to do.

Investment Level: up to $100,000