Company Name: HungryGenius® Holding Company, LLC
Company Description: HungryGenius® is a CLIO Award Winning Team. We’re aDdiCted to Conceptioneering, Music, Innovation, Collaboration, Art and Technology.
Country: United States
Contact: Anthony Spadaro
Phone #: +1619-287-4373


Opportunity: *HEMP MADE ~ Disaster Resistant Restaurant & Live Music Designs.
As former National Franchisors, we delivered America’s 1st 100% Animal Free Burger Joint back in 2001, when Britain was burning 12M head of contaminated cattle. Our stores were dubbed Mr. Goodburger’s® ~ The Original Healthy Burger Joint. We didn’t target vegetarians/vegans but rather dudes that eat wayyyy too much meat. We thrived nearly five years successfully until the rise of Atkins diet. However, our journey continues.

As of 2016 HungryGenius® has completed it’s most recent architectural designs, that utilize the talents and expertise of Monolithic Dome externally and combining these advances with out internal knowledge. Take the strategic thinking to the next level.

Please note: Our public displayed *Brands act as our place holders- if you will. The facades may be ‘square-faced’ to adapt seamlessly into ‘Main-street’ for example. Our initial and public design, known as ‘The DaddyODiner DOME’ can be viewed at the bottom of the page located at:

We take our conceptioneering work to great levels and pride ourselves in advancing our models that are supported with solid business plans and strategic thinking.

HEMP has been in our thoughts for decades. HEMP is a natural next step as our DISASTER RESISTANT plans are complete. Puerto Rico would become a potential 1st location. Additionally, we have access to well known celebrity and local musicians alike and a substantially large loudspeaker to advance our intentional story.

Company Principles: Anthony Spadaro Jr ., Gerald Eggers, Rich Peck

Investment Level: $100,000 to $500,000