We introduce you to independent, creative, entrepreneurial hemp companies, matching your investment goals with owners and managers who are leading the hemp revolution.

We look for engaged investors

  • Only seriously interested parties; ideally those with existing assets in/knowledge of/commitment to the hemp industry.
  • Will bring ideas, innovation and vision, and participate, at least in a consulting role, especially to the corporate guidance of the business as it expands.
  • Brings a strong background in financial planning, financial goal setting and overall financial stewardship.
  • Has an understanding of the fluid nature of a nascent but rapidly moving industry and will facilitate adjustments over time to capitalize on market shifts; and be an active participant in forthright and timely decision making.
  • Understands entrepreneurs and has been through an entrepreneurial experience or has a proven track record dealing with diverse, creative small businesses.


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Confidentiality: Rest assured that your information, data and statement of interest will be held with the utmost confidentiality. We only forward information to third parties based on your written permission, and after extensive discussions with each side in any deals we enter into.

Expressions of interest: Please submit the form below in full if you’re interested in learning more about our work, or if you want to explore the specific projects in our current portfolio (link to current offers). For now, we require 48 hours to give a response to your proposal