Company Name: Monophases SRL
Company Description: We are a GreenTech Start-Up, building inclusive solutions to support green development. We work on the implementation of modern technologies for the empowerment of the supply chain, specifically the production, processing, and trade of Hemp as an agricultural commodity. We focus on this superior crop because it has the potential to outrun comparable conventional & unsustainable crops. Our conduct is the holistic utilization of every part of the plant. We have the vision of a circular supply chain and want to accelerate its realization.
Country: Germany
Contact: Nando Knodel
Phone #: +491624142201


Opportunity: On August 22nd 2019, Hemptoday published the following headline:  CBD Sector is troublesome – “It’s getting to the point where lab paperwork and certification documents are less and less a guarantee of product quality,” … “Of course, the major problem is in big, bulk CBD deals. There are a lot of stories of people being ripped off.”

Our current project: We work on a solution to deliver simple, secure, technology-assisted transaction proceedings of industrial hemp in large quantities. Commodity trading is usually a standardized process without any surprises. Public Exchanges, Financial Instruments, Clearance Houses, Insurances etc..
Inspired by the structure of commodity markets (without the speculation possibilities), and fueled by modern technologies, we are going to offer a solution that is tailored for the current status and conditions of the fast-growing hemp industry. From multiple analysis to escrow and delivery, we implement digital assistance for the supply chain, aiming to foster credibility, security and authenticity for the industry. We want to make hemp trading easier and safer for all parties, creating an environment in which market participants can concentrate on their core business and not waste time through lack of market structure and potentially fraudulent requests or relationships.

Company Principles: We are an extraordinary team of different backgrounds, cultures, attitudes, ages and experiences. Altogether, we’ve seen almost the whole globe. We range from the age of 24 to 67, from the ’90s dotcom to AI & Blockchain. We enjoyed international education from top Universities in Germany, Italy, India & Japan. We unite young entrepreneurial spirit with manifested entrepreneurial experience. Where one of the team has a question, another has the answer. We laugh a lot and love our work. Together, we want to be part of green development and make the world a little bit better.
Relevant backgrounds for the afore-described business opportunity:
Akash Sharma
Nando Knodel
Jan Swoboda

Investment Level: $100,000 to $500,000