Company Name: Platinum Hemp Performance Group
Company Description: Platinum Hemp Performance Group (PHPG) is a multi-faceted AG-Tech venture that serves as a hub of technical, financial and agricultural expertise cooperatively organized with a strong social equity mission. PHPG brings industry-leading technical expertise with a strong network of experienced farmers and a commitment to sustainability in the agricultural sector across the US.
We are positioned to launch several key initiatives that offer critical profit opportunities in targeted areas while helping currently distressed American farmers build a successful crop portfolio, and successfully contribute to the agricultural economy. Our three-pronged business model is designed to create financial, social and sustainable equity for members and investors. A key aspect of this model is the strategic partnership we have with the 40 Acre Co-op Trust.
The 40-Acre Co-op Trust is a membership-based cooperative supporting socially disadvantaged farmers by providing technical assistance, training, legal support and market access to industrial hemp market. Our 400 members include farmers across the US who are committed to our mission of growing profitable and sustainable farming enterprises.  This partnership makes us unique by allowing us to capitalize on specific human, social and financial capital that most other hemp businesses lack. PHPG is committed to a three-year plan which includes developing, cultivating and processing industrial hemp in rural and urban areas. Our vertical hemp business model includes owning and distributing our own products in addition to processing and distributing high-quality industrial CBD products for the national and international hemp market.  Our “Tri-Crop production model includes the production of hemp fiber, hemp, foods, and hemp nutraceuticals. We have the vision, innovation and operational efficiency to strategically pursue these three growing segments and invite Enterprise Hemp to explore ways to engage in this dynamic opportunity.
Country: United States
Contact: Corey Leah
Phone #: +1 (615) 308-7787


Opportunity: We are seeking to change the game in US agriculture while investing real social equity back into our farming system. PHPG is poised to capitalize on the industrial hemp market by utilizing it’s network of highly trained, experienced and committed farmers who collectively have  tillable  acres exceeding the 1000’s. It is Projected that the U.S. hemp market will exceed thirty billion dollars by 2025 and we believe PHPGs’ network of farms, vertical business model and its  ag-technical system will allow us to be extremely profitable and efficient while not losing any quality in our end products. We estimate our margins to be well over 30% in  industrial hemp but our tri-crop processing will create additional revenue streams thus increasing our bottom line.   Join us in this leading edge movement supporting socially disadvantaged farmers, creating a green economy , and putting the culture back in AgriCulture.

Company Principles: Corey Lea – Is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and a former professional baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization. Corey has effectively created a network of farmers throughout the South and Midwest, It is his  goal  to guide the PHPG network of business professionals  and farmers to new markets worldwide, while creating hundreds of new jobs and security for family farmers.  Corey has successful lead the charge in organizing hundreds of farmers throughout the United States in a class action lawsuit against the USDA for discriminatory practices.
Angela Dawson – is a graduate of University of Minnesota and  has a J.D. form the William Mitchell College of Law.  Angela has taken the  led on Co-op campaigns to address issues that are important to it’s  Co-op members.  Previous to founding the forty acres Co-Op, Angela has held senior leadership roles at the University of Minnesota and focused on Project management, technical writing , health and public policy.  Angela has spent a significant amount of time researching and developing  bio-genetics of the cannabinoid plant while on sabbatical.
Erskine Kelley – Is a graduate of the University of Richmond. Erskine takes pride in detailed financial business practices that insures the implementation of innovative  ideas and measures set forth by our business development team and partners who  specialize in industrial hemp technology and marketing.

Investment Level: more than $1 million