Company Name: PureHemp
Company Description: business is currently in setup stage
Country: UK Gibraltar/Morocco
Contact: Steven Olivares
Phone #: 35058351000


Opportunity: As we all know the best land to produce top quality hemp or cannabinoid plantations is Morocco but an unchanged law prohibits the agriculture of hemp or any derivatives of the cannabis plant. Our concept is in principle a forward plan on an imminent change to the export law in Morocco. We have excellent sources to corraborate our preparation. We are ready with land identified and expert local farmers who are currently living in the illegal plantations of cannabis and suffering the constant fines for illegal agriculture of the plant. We have the company set up in Gibraltar with all legal requirements and licenses to import Hemp oil CBD raw product refine purify produce a bottled product and export to a global market.

Company Principles: The persons founders of the concept are Kyle and Steven Olivares son and father although the brain of the concept is Kyle who has a sound background in Home automation and leader of this market in Gibraltar. Steven is the innovative side and a background with contacts to ensure success. One of the most innovative business within Gibraltar was the launching of the street viewer this concept was online before Google street viewer but never able to further this idea for financial reasons. Also invented various other concepts of which some were approved by The Government of Gibraltar. Our ties with our local Government are good and any set up of a factory to produce CBD oil is a welcome fact.

Investment Level: $100,000 to $500,000