Company Name: Sanitas Peak Financial
Company Description: Sanitas Peak recognizes industrial hemp as a powerful resource and is dedicated to cultivating profitable opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and the agricultural industry. Robust market demand, hemp-friendly regulation and global interest in environmental sustainability has accelerated this new industry’s growth. Sanitas Peak uses its diverse knowledge, extensive connections and substantial experience to tie capital with emerging talent, activating the untapped potential of industrial hemp.
Country: United States
Contact: Jim Erickson
Phone #: +13033302869



Company Principles: Sanitas Peak was founded in 2017 by principals E Nicholas Mortimer and Charles Wellso – entrepreneurs with decades of experience in finance across a wide range of industries including energy, real estate, trading, and distribution. Their diverse backgrounds include mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, licensing, syndication, business consulting and development.

Investment Level: more than $1 million