Company Name: South Hemp Tecno srl
Company Description: The company was founded in June 2013 with the aim of creating an ethical and sustainable agro-industrial chain in Southern Italy. In 2014, the operating headquarters of Crispiano (TA) were opened and after four years the company managed a 500 hectare agricultural supply chain. The company is developing a pilot industrial plant for the primary processing of hemp straw. This processing produces renewable raw materials on a large scale, creating value for local agriculture and supplying various industrial production sectors. The work of dissemination and cooperation with institutions, businesses and individuals has allowed to revive the cultivation of hemp throughout the peninsula by making known the uses and benefits.
Country: Italy
Contact: Rachele Invernizzi
Phone #: +39 3482804900


Opportunity: The lack of industrial plants in Italy and abroad , with this comparatively small productivity and capacity (with respect to other European countries), has required the company to create a new pilot plant. The company, through a long path of mechanical research and investments in the engineering sector, is in the process of developing the first pilot plant for the processing of hemp straw in Southern Italy. The deep knowledge of the industrial processes linked to the processing of hemp, which resulted from this research is not only good for Southern Italy but will also help to develop the hemp sector in small and medium size developing countries all over the world. In order to optimize the plant and be ready to replicate and patent it, South Hemp is looking for financial partners capable of providing the necessary means for this last step.

Company Principles: The start up was founded by Rachele Invernizzi in 2013, starting a process of development of new machineries but also creating hemp agriculture in center and south Italy spreading the know how she gained during the years. As hemp is a politic critical matter, Rachele started in 2016 with other entrepreneurs Federcanapa, a no-profit federation capable to dialogue with institutions for bettere regulation. Rachele also enter in the Board Member of EIHA in 2018, a strategic position to represent italian and european hemp interests in Bruxell and other european institutions.
With Rachele collaborates Matteo Melosini ( a jung and motivated student of MSc biotechnology, and international collaborators living in Italy as Michael (Germany), Matteo e Alessandro (Italy), Leon (England-Spain) and Remi (France).

Investment Level: $100,000 to $500,000