Company Name: Tree of Life BioSciences, LLC d/b/a HALE
Company Description: Vertically integrated hemp oil extract product company. We cultivate hemp, extract oil, and formulate balms, creams, droppers and softgels.
Country: United States
Contact: Whitney Buchanan
Phone #: +1833-609-5634


Opportunity: We control every step of the process and we do everything the right way. Organic cultivation methods, CO2 extraction, best-in-class ingredients and essential oil builds in our full-spectrum finished products. We never cut corners. Our products stand heads-and-shoulders above those of our competitors. We need better distribution.

Company Principles: Adam Krafft, CEO: Former All-American and professional athlete; serial entrepreneur
Whitney Buchanan, Managing Member: Attorney with 35 years experience
Giles Good, Co-Founder: Experience in network marketing.

Investment Level: more than $1 million